1981 – Extract from the magazine “KEFALONIA AND ITHACA” May -June 1981

«Countless pieces of wood, worked with art, arranged and assembled to the last detail, are the boat a full boat in miniature. There the ship’s lounge, the chairs, the doors, the curves, anchors, ropes, hoists, boats, guns, everything (…) managed to shrink all the objects in the correct scale and the whole is like confessing […]

1993 – Extract from the newspaper “wafer” June 1993

«It is so intense the impression created, admiration, surprise, emotion,” “but his words left over in front of the awe that creates the visitor’s encounter with this creature. The work of the “Telemachus” confirms both his talent and unlimited shipbuilding technique imagination Dimitris Skiadaresis. »

1994 – Extract from the magazine wafer Dekemvrios 1994

«The report ships with themes from Homer to the present (…) presented 15 exhibits – unique ship models a r c h i t e c t u r a l and a e s t h e t i c a l and artistic value “,” absolute fidelity to their design, the mikronafpigiki used […]

1995 – Extract from the magazine’s tribute “Keratsini” Martios 1995

«Dimitris Skiadaressis lives traveling in all seasons and in all seas. Travels by ship, masterpieces he manufactures, leaving the imagination to lead him by rough seas, with calm from America to Japan in Barbaria and Indian. » Reports have also been made by the Association of Naval newspapers the Echo of the fallen, the Kefalonian […]