National Gallery Expert Museum Alexander Soutzos (Ar.prot.1313 / 14-11-1983):
After expert examination of our service, we inform you that the boat considered is handmade and has artistic value.

Papastamos Dimitris, Director Papastamos Dimitris, Director
Your attempt is really ambitious and I am also sure that the version of «Celebrity Albums» of the island will be a reliable and valuable source of biographical information and reference for newer and future generations of our country.


Fotis Pavlatos Assoc., Professor of Medicine, University of Athens Fotis Pavlatos Assoc., Professor of Medicine, University of Athens
dearest Richard,
Your job is a bit of your being and love so that you are truly admirable. Regarding your woodwork, frankly you’re real artistic talent with large and deep sensitivities. Well done! With the finest friendly feelings
Doulgeridis Michael, Manager Maintenance antiques – art National Gallery Doulgeridis Michael
I congratulate Mr. Skiadaresis it actually is from the rare artistic values ​​that exist in our country and I believe that rare artist must be luck of the State aid since the works of art making should take positions in nautical Museum because it is priceless axias.Syncharitiria!
N. Strut N. Strut
Dr Michael Kyriakides Dr Michael Kyriakides