A few words

The works were constructed at sea traveling around the world, from North. Europe as N. Africa, from China to Australia and America.The assembly was done in the traditional way, as was done at that time, the planks in steam temperature to return planking, as was old and as is now the case to petsosoume a ship which should turn the plank, get the slope having the curmudgeon and they had to heat up steam.

The materials used are : wood (teak, mahogany, lime, oregon, meranti, oknime, kelempiti, holly cefallonian, jasmine, pine, walnut, locust, plane, ash, fir, cypress, pepper, beech and olive) , copper, bronze, canvas, rope, cardboard. 

All items are made by hand with the tools of that era (ax, the skerpani, the saw, the chisel, the hand drill, the slapstick): axes, guns, boats, barrels, anchors, chests, bells , controls, Acroploro, lanterns, ladders, pumps, compasses, shovels, deck stairs, floats, lines, harpoons, buoys, pumpkins, oars, steering wheels, winches, people, bougela, anvils, sails, spears, shields, bows, tables with tools agkyropetres, anchoring balloons, bears, etc. Inside the ship there are warehouses, powder magazines, the apartments of the master, lounges officers and crew and passengers who were going together.

The interior design of each project is similar to the era: Living room sofas, tables, curtains, chairs, desk, lamps, calendars, chairs, bunk cabin, tables. Everything moves. Just as it is in reality.