1996 – Report theater “Kefalos”

 Kefalonia Argostoli in celebration of the Maritime Week 1996 Exhibition wood model boats Tribute to Dimitris Skiadaresis “From Homer to date” in celebration of the Naval Week The organizing committee naval Week awarded him honorary prize and plaque under the maritime Week in 1996. the company “Protection of Kefalonia and Ithaca nature of the diploma awarded in 1996.


1996 – Honorary Award ARGOSTOLI

within the Naval week

“A great and important initiative of the Organizing Committee of the naval week brought him worldwide known for its authenticity and original creativity Dimitris Skiadaresis the head to expose the public Kefalonia unique collection of masterpieces of mikronafpigikis”

– extract from the newspaper OSTRIA -IOULIOS JUNE 1996

“There are still KAVVADIA”

– excerpt from the newspaper REVIVAL IN KEFALONIA AND ITHACA JULY 1996


1995 – Report Gounaropoulos museum

And as characteristically he said. The. Gounaropoulos, son of the great painter (…) for the creations of the artist: these boats are not models is expressive constructions

excerpt from the magazine “Shipowner” in May 1995

“We had the chance to admire the Gounaropoulos museum, the report of this artistic achievement – of such an important and – perhaps unique in its kind”,

Rita Tsintili – Vlisma

In your work we see something beyond perfection. It’s magic”

excerpt from the newspaper “Kefalonian and Thiakos Ratio Augustus 1995

1992 – Report to Lykoudis stores

1990 – Report to the Port Authority of Piraeus

The Navy awarded him a diploma and medal in celebration of the Maritime Week 1990

Participation at the event – a tribute to the N. Kavvadia held at the Cultural Center Kourkoumelata in August 1990 under the standing “Sea Life” program. The nature protection company awarded him a diploma.


Under the standing program “SEA AND LIFE” JULY 1990.

1990 – REPORT IN PPA (Piraeus Port Organization)

The Navy awarded him a diploma and medal in celebration of the Maritime Week 1990

1982 – Report to showroom Varagis

1979 – Report Piraeus Town Hall “offshore Art”

In the book review he says Doulgeridis artist Michael -syntiritis antiques, works of art, National Gallery maintenance charge:
“beloved Dimitri. Your job is a bit of your being and love so that you are truly admirable. As for your woodwork, frankly you’re real artistic talent with large and deep sensitivities. Bravo”