Born in Assos, Kefalonia in 1931, he was the last child of an 8 member family. His grandfather Gerasimos studied with the sculptor Destouni. He took the name of his father, Dimitrios, who lost him immediately after birth, just eight months. His childhood passed, except for the lack of the father, and the deprivation of basic goods. The large family, jobs for older siblings minimum.

In 1940 the small village was occupied by the Italians. He was only 9 years old. In 13 years he lost an eye in a partisan ammunition depot because of an error. His relationship with the sea was inevitably close due to the location of the small village on the island of Kefalonia. Whichever way she turned to the look of faces sea. His relationship with the wood began his childhood, when followed his big brother Argyris maragkodouleies in the neighboring villages. In Carry back the tools and walking hours for a pittance. The tool of his work, the wood became so second nature to him. Offered him the basics of living species. But the offered additional and satisfaction of creation.

The 1953 hit the island the devastating earthquake. He was just 22 years old. The village could not offer anything more. Forced to embarks, to work at sea. And so began the “imprisonment” of. Endless trips to the ships as shipwrights. Traveled inside the floating “prison” of such named it, in almost all parts of the world. In Sweden crying from the cold. Where to find Perissa money for warm clothes. Sea means loneliness. But exorcise his loneliness by building boats on the ships. The “prison”, inspired him and encouraged him to artistic creation.

He states:

The ship” Apollonia “sat nine years. I had created there a laboratory which had two windows, one on the side of the steamer and one of another. From whatever side I went was the sea. When you start any job done, I “spoke” every time. When storm had worked better. I do not bother anyone. I am interested not only in appearance but also for the interior to be authentic, human, stylish. Decorate their interiors as it really was or is. I make that lounges, the captain’s office, hanging lamps, tables etc. Everything is moving. Just as it is in reality. The construction of these vessels is based on knowledge gained by reading special books, photos and things that I have seen up close. Example extinguishers we have today replaced the bougela wood, which was full of sand. At that time they had or bougela or hand pumps on both sides of the boat who worked respectively two people. While letting my imagination lead me to the correct result.

The Art causes the human senses. Through the work of the Board. Skiadaresis reflected the mental state, emotions, the vision of the artist. The artistic soul Dimitris Skiadaresis joined him with friendship ties with the radio operator of “night shift”, the poet N. Kavvadia. They traveled together in the truck “Perseus”, the “Apollonia” in “Lydia”.